• Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

    Think Critically.

    Complete your doctorate in 34 months!

    Our challenging, Christ-centered academic environment combines a deeper exploration of faith and learning. An interdisciplinary approach allows you to take ownership of your education and pursue a unique combination of theory and practical experience that equips you to make the best contribution possible in your specific sphere of influence.

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Educational Leadership Graduate Facts

In the Ed.D. in Leadership Studies program, our goal is to produce Christian servant leaders, scholars, and global thinkers. Our graduates are able to take the skills and competencies developed through critical thinking, writing, research skills, and leadership concepts to further their current leadership roles and future leadership potential. As a result, we have Ed.D. graduates serving in a variety of leadership positions in higher education, business, and ministry around the world. Some of these include:

  • School Principals and Assistant Principals
  • Assistant Superintendents
  • Various School District Positions
  • University Vice Presidents and Assistant Vice Presidents
  • University Deans
  • Assistant Provost
  • University Program Directors
  • Professors and Adjunct Professors
  • Executive Directors, Area Directors, Regional Directors, Chiefs of Staff in Not-for-Profit Organizations and For-Profit Corporations
  • Company Founders and CEOs
  • Pastors
  • Ministry Positions
  • Denominational Leadership

Our interdisciplinary approach creates a rich classroom environment, which leads to networking opportunities that benefit our graduates throughout their careers.

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Sue Kavli, Ph.D.
Academic Director
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“The integrated curriculum and the praxis-based experiences create significant transforming personal growth. Students emerge from this program well equipped to make a significant contribution to their chosen field.”

— Ozzie Ingram, Ed.D. Professor, Retired