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Trip to Downtown Dallas

Yesterday was a very exciting day for the new international students that just arrived from Taiwan! To welcome them to America and their new home, we went to downtown Dallas! After donuts and a short meeting, we loaded the bus and headed on our way! Along the way we were introduced to many interesting land marks as well as old buildings.
Trip to Downtown DallasTrip to Downtown Dallas
Our first stop was Texas Hall of State. This building was built in 1936 to celebrate Texas' 100 year anniversary. After that celebration it was supposed to be torn down; however, it remains standing today and is a great attraction to those interested in a little bit of history about Texas.
Trip to Downtown DallasTrip to Downtown Dallas

Trip to Downtown Dallas
The building was tall and beautiful with murals and intricate designs in the architecture and style. One of the most interesting facts was the chairs they had for the centennial still remain today. To express how old they...

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A little taste of America

Why did you come to DBU?
"I came to DBU to further my studies not only for me but for my family and country."
     -Mary (Namibia)

"I came to DBU mainly to achieve the dream of my career and for the DBU cross country and track team. I came to DBU mostly because it is a Christian school and it gives moral values to the students as they keep on going with their studies."
      -Susan (Kenya)

What do you like most about DBU?
"I like DBU because of the value it stands for and not all universities in America have the same values. Not only that, but DBU has so many international people that are from different countries that came here to study. I believe that DBU people and president think that not only American people should

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