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Welcome Week

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Welcome Home

This week at DBU we held one of the biggest events of the semester, the International Welcome Party. DBU International is so excited to welcome the largest class of international students ever to our campus for the 2015 fall semester. We now have a total of 588 international students from 63 different countries. Our fall welcome party was an opportunity for everyone in the International Department to celebrate and show our international students just how much we love them!

 DBU International is so happy to have every single one of these international students, and we strive to help each of them make DBU their home while they attend school. Here are some DBU International students from the party who say #DBUishome! We would love for you to make DBU your home as well! 

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The food was amazing! 

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Make sure to watch our social media pages and the events calendar so you don't miss out on all the fun events that DBU international has planned for this year! These events are a great way to connect with other students! Follow us on Facebook at DBU International and and on Instagram: DBUInternational to get connected with us! 

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4 Fun Places to Visit in Dallas

4 Fun Places to Visit in Dallas

Dallas Skyline 01 

I moved to the DFW area just a few months ago, so I am still discovering all the exciting things there are to see and experience here! While I have enjoyed the big tourist attractions, such as attending a Rangers Game or going to Six Flags, some of my favorite places have been the unique, little-known shops, restaurants, and museums that are scattered all over Dallas and Fort Worth. Here are four of my favorite things to do in Dallas/Fort Worth!


1. Emporium Pies

Located in the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff, Dallas, this specialty pie shop is the best place in Dallas to get delicious, handmade pies.

4 places to visit in Dallas 1

2. Downtown Grapevine

Grapevine’s old Main Street retains the slow-paced charm of small town America.  This area has some wonderful little boutiques, shops, and restaurants, and it’s the perfect way to spend a Saturday in the Dallas area.

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3. Café Brazil

This little café has three locations in the downtown Dallas area, and two of them are open twenty-four hours. It’s a great place to pull all-nighters studying for finals. They have delicious coffee and breakfast, and they have free wifi. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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4. Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

This is a little bit further from DBU than the rest of these places, but if you have some extra time on your hands, the Fort Worth modern art museum is a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon! This little gem is located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, and it’s worth the drive. Plus, it’s free on Sundays, and it’s only $4 any other day if you have your student ID. So, if you ever want to immerse yourself in the strange, unique world that is modern art, this museum is a great place to start!



In addition to each of the things this list being interesting places to explore and experience, all of these places are much cheaper than a baseball game or an amusement park. This list barely scratches the surface of all the great things there are to do here, so go and discover your own favorite experiences in Dallas! 


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