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Tips and Advice from International Students

Moving to the United States to study by yourself can be a scary experience. Having more experienced international students give you advice during this transition will help to make this process much easier!

This week I had the chance to sit down with several International students to ask them each one question: What is one thing you wish someone would have told you when you first came to DBU?

Our students gave some great advice, and I am so excited to share their tips for new international students in this week’s blog!


 Lynn Lu (China)

IMG 8356

“I wish someone would have told me how important it is to connect with students from the same country as you. It is much easier to connect and become friends with people who speak the same language as you and are used to the same culture. One of the main focuses of DBU International is to help international students make DBU home, and connecting with people from your country is one way to accomplish this.”


Raquel Chacin (Venezuela)

IMG 8435 1 

“When I first arrived at DBU I did not know that I would be living off campus. I had seen all the pictures of the campus and thought it was so beautiful! When I arrived I found out that some International housing is off campus, and that students are required to live in International housing their first semester. There are so many things to learn and do before arriving at DBU, and some things are easy to miss. As an admissions counselor, I always try to make sure that students understand exactly what their living situation will be when they arrive.”


Barbara Stockler (Brazil)

IMG 8542 1 

“I wish I would have known learned more about the money differences here in the United States. When I arrived, I was not as prepared as I would like pay for all the things that I would need! It took me a while to figure out a good way to wire money from home to DBU. I also realized that it was a smart idea for me to leave my money in a bank in Brazil and use my credit card, instead of transferring it to the US. The best thing you can do when arriving here is make friends with experienced international students so that they can help you figure out the money differences here in the United States.” 


Dmitry Shishkin (Russia)

IMG 8503

“First, get a voice recorder. That way, if you have a hard time keeping up with your professors in class, or if you do not understand something they say, you can go back and listen to it later. Getting an education is expensive, and the information you are receiving is valuable. Do not waste this opportunity!”

“Second, buy eBooks instead of hard copies so you do not have mountains of books to ship home when you graduate.”

"Third, introduce yourself to your professors. DBU professors love international students, and they will be more than willing to help you whenever you need it!”

Dawn Esguerre (Philippines)

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“One thing I did not know before I came to DBU is that Dallas does not a large public transportation system. Many international students come from cities that have trains, subways, and lots of taxicabs, but in Dallas most people own their own car. DBU does offer a shuttle service that takes trips to stores everyday, so there is transportation available! However, I wish I had started saving to buy a car before I came to DBU!


Amanda Silviera (Brazil)

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“I wish I would have known that American students at DBU would be so receptive to International students. I was so surprised when I first arrived. I had no idea they would be so loving and welcoming! Most of them genuinely want to get to know the international students and become friends with them.”


At DBU, we sincerely love our international students. It is our hope that DBU will become your home away from home!



Kylie Krauss

DBU International Blogger


4 Places To Check Out On the DBU Campus

4 Places To Check Out On the DBU Campus


Sitting on top of almost 300 acres, Dallas Baptist University provides a beautiful and inviting campus for international students. Affectionately called “University Hill”, the physical grounds of DBU provide a vibrant and welcoming environment filled with picturesque lakes and streams, and perfectly landscaped, and award winning gardens.

I chose 4 of my favorite places on campus that you need to check out!

Bush Park

IMG 2967

Located across from the Global Missions Center and International Center, this beautiful park, with its winding paths and picturesque duck pond, is the perfect escape from the worries and stress of homework and deadlines. Take a walk or a jog along the trail, or just relax on one of the bench swings by the pond.



[I do all my serious exercising in converse shoes]                                                                                                      

The Union

IMG 2976

Finding its home underneath the Brownstones, the Union houses Papa John’s Pizza and the Island Oasis Smoothie Bar. Not many people know about this great hangout spot, but it has a big screen TVs, big couches to relax and chill out, and lots of tables to do homework. The Union is decorated with pictures of presidents and campaign posters, so if you want to brush up on your US history, this is the place!


[I love presidents]


Prayer Chapel

IMG 2985

Located on the first floor the Collins Learning Center, this peaceful little chapel is a wonderful place to spend time  with the Lord in prayer in between classes.






The Daily Bread Bistro

IMG 3002

This little café is located on the third floor of the Collins Learning Center. It has delicious quesadillas, panini sandwiches, burritos, flat breads, soup, and smoothies. The Daily Bread Bistro may be a healthier option than Chick-Fil-A (the famous chicken sandwich food chain also on campus) to eat, so go check it out! Avoid the freshman fifteen! Eat healthy! 


                                                                [The food is so good]

There are so many fun things to do on the DBU campus, so go explore for yourself and find your own favorite places to study or get together with friends! If you are not a part of the DBU family yet, perhaps these will provide you some incentive to come join us!


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