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Sadler Global Missions Center

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Dallas Baptist University has been blessed with a beautiful campus. One of the features of University Hill is our buildings, many of which are modeled after traditional Colonial architecture. In the next couple weeks we are going to be highlighting a couple of our buildings on the DBU campus.

The Sadler Global Missions Center, begun in 2011 and finished in 2013, houses our Baptist Student Ministries, the International Admissions Office, the Global Missions Office, Student Affairs, the Global Leadership Program office, a global conversation lounge, two acacemic classrooms, and Piper Hall (a large student activity room), the food pantry, and the clothes closet. Designed after the Pavillion VII at the University of Virginia, this beautiful building is, in many ways, the embodiment of DBU’s mission—to produce servant leaders who are equipped to transform the world through sharing and living out the Gospel. The sole focus of the Global Missions Center is to reach the world with education, missions, and the Gospel.

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In the front of the Global Missions Center is a large sculpture of a globe. Underneath the globe is the verse John 3:16 in the main eight languages spoken by the DBU student body. This monument is an excellent reminder of the Global Missions Center's purpose and mission to tell people that God sent His only Son into the world to give everyone who would believe in Him eternal life. 

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The inside of the Global Missions Center is filled with more reminders of its focus and purpose. From the world map reminding DBU students that they are Christ's witnesses, to the statement that every student and faculty members see as they leave the building- "You are now entering the mission field-" the entire building is devoted to equipping DBU students to share the Gospel.


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On the first floor of the Global Missions Center is Piper Hall. Many of the University's student life events and spiritual life events, from banquets and socials to concerts and worship nights, are held here. All throughout the building there are multiple study areas and classrooms, as well. It is a great place to do homework and study.


The DBU campus is constantly growing and expanding to make room for our growing number of students and the changing needs of the university, and the Global Missions Center is a central part of campus life here at DBU. If you are a new student and you have not gone down the hill to see this beautiful building, it it definitely worth the walk! This is certainly an exciting time to be a student at Dallas Baptist University!

Our job is to show students how much they are loved

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We at DBU International are so excited to be starting a new semester! To kick off Spring 2016 we are doing a new blog series highlighting some of our amazing faculty and staff members here at DBU. This week I had the chance to sit down with Philip Homer, DBU’s IEP director, and talk to him about his role in the lives of DBU International students.

How did you get to DBU?

‘”My wife and I were missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators, and we went to Papua New Guinea in order to work with people to learn the language, to teach people to translate the Bible into their own language and experience God in their own culture and hearts. We had repeated challenges and medical issues, and came back to Dallas, eventually reaching the conclusion that it was not viable for us to follow that dream to be missionaries overseas. With my interest in working cross culturally and our intended focus of training people to translate, I went knocking on the door of every university in the Dallas area. God eventually opened the door for me to work in the IEP program at DBU. I started in the summer of 2004, and I’ve been here over 11 years.”

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What do you do at DBU?

“I began as the assistant IEP director. Ann Boyles was the IEP director at that time, and when she retired 3 and a half years later I was promoted to be the new director of IEP. I’ve been the director for 7 years. My official title is Director of the Intensive English Program, and I am responsible for administering the English program. I make sure we have the classes that we need for the students, the instructors that we need for the students, and I make sure that we have field trips and activities for the students. Of course I do not do all these things myself; I have a great team of instructors and student workers that are involved in the planning. My focus is taking care of the International students when they get here.”

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Why do you do what you do?

“I was called to missions when I was very young, so working at a university was not my first dream. At 12 years old I was a new Christian, and I had recently been reading the Bible and really getting to know Jesus, when a missionary came to speak at my church about people who have either never heard the Gospel, or they do hear it and they just do not understand it because of language/culture barriers. As a young Christian just beginning to understand what it means to follow Jesus, I remember thinking, ‘I could do that.’ I could figure out how to make the Bible cross cultural or language barriers so that more people could know Jesus—and that is when God called me to missions. My focus was on Bible translation for a long time, but God closed that door, and used those experiences to get me connected to DBU.

I think every student needs to continue to grow in their relationship with God. We have students come to DBU who are already Christians and already have strong relationships with God, and we have young Christians who have not learned much about the Bible or have not known Jesus very long, and all of these students have the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God through coming to DBU. We also have non-believers who come to DBU, and some are interested in knowing more about God, and some are not.

These students come simply because they have heard that DBU is a great school and a safe place. All of these students get to hear about Christ when they come to DBU, and it is really exciting that we have students who have never heard of Jesus or know very little about Him hear about how He is the Son of God. All of our IEP instructors are here to love the International students, and they go out of their way just to make sure that the students know how loved they are. That is one of the best things about being at DBU.”

Do you have anything you want students to know about you?

“I have a couple habits that students find interesting. One is that when students first arrive I talk slowly to them, and the longer they are here I will begin speaking at a regular pace. I like to help them make that transition. The second thing that students should know is that when they are listening to me they have to be thinking, because sometimes I say things that are absurd to catch them off guard. I want to make sure they are not just saying ‘Yes, teacher; yes, teacher.’ I want them to really be listening.”

DBU students have been blessed with incredible professors and faculty members who love to serve, teach, lead, and point their students to Christ. Be on the look out for our next installment in blog series highlighting a few of these individuals, and if you see Mr. Homer or any of our other faculty, make sure to thank them for all they do for our university!


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