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Finals Week

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DBU students, you have almost made it through the semester! Finals week is upon us, which, for many of us, means all-nighters and cramming for tests. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Many times lack of sleep and high stress levels means lower test scores. With that in mind, here are some tips for studying for (and passing!) your finals.


  1. Get organizedIMG 9989

This is probably the most important part of having a successful finals week. Knowing when all of your finals are and making a schedule of when and how long you will study for each final well before finals week is ver important. Not only will it help you  to manage your time successfully, but it also helps manage stress! No one likes to feel unprepared or frazzled before an important test. Making a studying schedule will help you to stay keep up with your homework and know when and how you are going to study for each final.

  1. IMG 9791Prioritize tests

Not all tests are created equal, so make sure you know which tests you need to study for the most! As you are organizing your schedule for finals week, know how long it will take to study for each test and how much you need to study to get the grade you want in each class.




IMG 9789


3. Test yourself

Most of us are tempted to open our textbooks and stare at them for awhile and call that studying, but we all know that this is not an effective studying strategy! Take notes and test yourself (or have someone else test you!) over the material so you can walk into your finals with confidence.



IMG 10154. Take Breaks

Giving yourself breaks while studying is the best way to make sure you retain and digest all the information you are absorbing. Don’t try to study everything all at once! Studying in 30-50 minute intervals is easier on your mind and your body.  





5. Form study groupsIMG 1008

This is an effective method that many people forget to utilize. Studying with classmates motivates you to focus on the subject you are working on and allows you to learn from each other. This will ensure that you don’t miss important information or forget to study a chapter for the final.



Good luck to everyone on your finals next week! Finals are stressful, but hopefully these tips will help you to make your last week of school fun and get your summer off to a great start!



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