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Scott Bolin

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Scott Bolin is a DBU student who previously attended Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia. He is also one of our student workers for DBU International! He sat down with us and shared his story about how he ended up at DBU after graduating from Hillsong.


Why did you decide to go to Hillsong?

“In 2011 I realized that I wanted to go into ministry, and I at the time I wanted to do something with music. I loved Hillsong United and Hillsong church, so when I learned about Hillsong College I just knew that I had to go. I started in 2012 studying worship."

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What made you decide to come to DBU after attending Hillsong College?

“I ended up switched from worship to pastoral leadership while I was at Hillsong, and because of this I started an internship. While I was doing the internship I met Grey Hoff, who was visiting Hillsong from DBU. I had been praying about what God wanted me to do after I graduated from Hillsong, and when Grey told me about DBU it just seemed like the right choice. I applied, and God opened the doors for me to come here."

 What are the biggest similarities between Hillsong and DBU?

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“Both DBU and Hillsong college have the same foundation and purpose- to empower people to build God’s kingdom through education. The biggest differences are mostly cultural. Hillsong is located in Sydney, Australia, so it is very centered around café culture and beach culture. Dallas has more of a city vibe, combined with a Southern U.S. feel. I have really enjoyed Dallas, and it has been a great transition for me.”

What do you plan to do after you graduate from DBU?

“Hillsong helped me develop leadership skills, and DBU has given me the tools to use those leadership skills in any environment. I have also gotten to meet and connect with other kingdom-minded people through attending both of these schools. I believe that I have received exceptional preparation for whatever the next step in my life will be. God has called me to serve and help people from all walks of life. Hillsong gave me a kingdom mindset, and DBU has given me the management and business skills to lead and serve wherever God calls me next.”

Here at DBU we love all of our Hillsong transfer students! Thanks for sharing your story, Scott!


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