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Visa Information

What to Prove During Your Interview

Preparation is key when applying for a student visa. It will be important for you to communicate to the visa officer that you wish to return home upon completing your studies at DBU. In order to increase the likelihood of being granted a Student Visa, it is important to prove the following during your Visa Interview:

1. Prove your primary purpose for obtaining a Visa will be to study full-time at DBU as a student. Be ready to present a complete history of your academic career, including your secondary (high school) and University records (if you are applying for a graduate degree). Have your test results available (GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS) and show that you have made appropriate preparations to begin studying in the U.S.

2. Prove that you have strong ties in your home country and that you have no intent to immigrate to the United States. Strong ties are various aspects of your life (professional, family, financial, etc.) that bind you to your country of residence.  Strong ties may include all your family resides in your home country and not in the U.S., you have a job awaiting you at home upon completing your studies or all of your assets are in your home country and not in the United States.

3. Prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself (and your family) for your entire DBU program. Provide financial/bank statements indicating that you (or your Guarantor's/Parents) have adequate funds to pay for your entire academic program, including living expenses, at DBU. You must also present evidence that your guarantor will be able to finance the remaining years (after the first year) of your education at DBU.

4. Have a valid passport for at least six months into the future. Be sure your passport has been issued with more than six months left before its expiration.


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