Undergraduate Degrees


Undergraduate Degees


B.A./B.S. in Camp/Sport Leadership

soccer pictureSummer camp is a growing, $18 billion industry with millions of campers served by 1.5 million adult workers. Public and private sports leagues are also major parts of American family life and local economies. High capacity leaders are in demand for both fields, and DBU has one of the premier programs designed to prepare students to make a positive, global impact through an exciting career in camp and sports.


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B.A. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

ppe picture Since its inception at Oxford in 1920, the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) degree has attracted students who would go on to become leaders and influencers in business, government, journalism, foreign service, diplomacy, law, consultancy, and the list goes on. The PPE at DBU is a degree specially designed for those who are prepared to answer God’s call to become a scholar statesman and transform the world.


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