• M.A. in International Studies

    Study. Travel. Lead.

    Cross-cultural sensitivities and international diplomacy are necessary qualities for leaders in today’s global environment. Our values-driven, biblical approach to global engagement weds cultural awareness seminars with international field experience to equip successful leaders in an ever-globalizing world.


MA in International Studies 2-Year Degree Tracker

Sample Program:

Year 1

MAIS 6306 - Cross-Cultural and Global Leadership MAIS 5302 - World Regional Geography MAIS 5304 - International Peace and Conflict Studies*
MAIS 5305 - Cultural Intelligence*
*If neither course is chosen, defer to Year 2 Fall #2 courses
MAIS 5317 - Comparing Government Structures and Political Systems MAIS 5303 - Christian Perspectives on Global
Religions and Worldviews (S-L)
Concentration Elective #1

Year 2


1. MAIS 5301 - Contemporary Global Issues (Travel Study)
2. ENGL 5340 - Studies in Global Literature*
2. ESLS 5301 - Second Language Acquisition*
2. MAGL 5331 - Cross-Cultural Living and Ministry*
*If Year 1 Summer course is chosen, do not take #2 course

COMA 6314 - Intercultural Communication

MAIS 5310 - Short-Term International Internship

Concentration Elective #2 Concentration Elective #3 DISC 5302 - Biblical Servant Leadership

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Lee E. Bratcher
Program Director
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Lee E. Bratcher

“Our goal is to equip servant leaders to model Christ-like leadership in international and cross-cultural contexts.”

— Lee E. Bratcher, MAIS Program Director