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    Our challenging, Christ-centered academic environment combines a deeper exploration of faith and learning. An interdisciplinary approach allows you to take ownership of your education and pursue a unique combination of theory and practical experience that equips you to make the best contribution possible in your specific sphere of influence.

Course Rotation

Year 1

FALL Course Location Dissertation Process
Orientation (Scheduled for Friday and Saturday before start of Fall classes) Campus 1
Core LEAD 7400 Educational Foundations Campus 2 Two sets of research questions by the end of Fall term
LEAD 7440 Educational Research
Prerequisite LEAD 7320 Statistics I TBD NOTE: Fulfills prerequisite for LEAD 7441. Course is required unless prerequisite completed in previous graduate study.
Concentration LEAD 7463 Curriculum Design and Application in Ministry Campus 3 Dissertation Topic due to EdD Office by May 15, Year 1.
Assignment of Dissertation Committees at the end of Spring term.
LEAD 7470 Higher Education Leadership
LEAD 7480 Ethics in Leadership
LEAD 7461 Christian Education and Faith Formation
LEAD 7471 Higher Education History and Philosophy
LEAD 7481 Strategic Planning in Leadership
SUMMER - Washington Institute
Core LEAD 7402 Biblically-Based Servant Leadership Seminars in Washington, D.C. Continued compilation of research literature from course content and independent research.
LEAD 7404 Theories of Leadership and Management

Year 2

Core LEAD 7441 Quantitative Methods of Research* Campus 4 Complete Proposal by May 1.
Concentration LEAD 7462 Development and Management of Volunteer Leaders
LEAD 7472 Higher Education Finance & Law
LEAD 7482 Professional Leadership Development
Core LEAD 7403 Theories of Human Development Campus 5 Continued compilation of research literature from course content and independent research.
LEAD 7490

Leadership Proposal Design

SUMMER - Oxford Institute
Dissertation LEAD 7405

Theories of Learning (Service-Learning)

Seminars in Oxford, England Committee work on Proposal. Submit for Methodology Review and Human Participants Review by August 10.
Concentration LEAD 7464/74/84 Global Leadership in Educational Ministry/Higher Education/Leadership

Year 3

  LEAD 7050 Leadership Comprehensive Exams
Concentration LEAD 7460 Development and Design for Ministry Campus 6 Proposal Defense during Fall Break
LEAD 7473 Academic and Student Services Leadership
LEAD 7483 Leading Change in Organizations
  LEAD 7491 Leadership Dissertation I
(No campus seminar)
  Complete Dissertation and submit for Methodology Review by May 1.
  LEAD 7492 Leadership Dissertation II Campus 7 Dissertation Defense during Mid-Summer On-Campus Seminars

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“The integrated curriculum and the praxis-based experiences create significant transforming personal growth. Students emerge from this program well equipped to make a significant contribution to their chosen field.”

— Ozzie Ingram, Ed.D. Director