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Course Descriptions

Educational Leadership Core

LEAD 7400 Educational Foundations
The course provides an introduction to educational leadership with an emphasis on leadership practice, development, and implementation. The work and challenges of educational leaders will be examined. The student will study the roles of servant leadership, credibility, vision, empowerment, and strategy for educational leaders.

LEAD 7402 Biblically-Based Servant Leadership

This seminar introduces the nature and purpose of spirituality from the biblical perspective as it relates to leadership, assisting students in constructing and refining those spiritual principles that are philosophically, theologically, and pastorally relevant to the human condition with the Christian community and other religious traditions. The seminar develops a working biblical-exegetical, theological, and historical template for examining and evaluating current leadership styles and principles. Students will apply this template to the leadership examples and principles found within the selected biblical narratives, specifically focusing on Moses, David, Jesus, and Paul. The seminar concludes with the synthesis and application of principles discovered in the development of a biblical model for servant leadership today within current vocational contexts.

LEAD 7403 Theories of Human Development

This course explores human development research, focusing on physical, cognitive, social, emotional, personality, (moral and faith) development from conception to death within the context of psychological and sociological theories of development with an emphasis on their contributions to the practices of Christian nurture, instruction, and leadership formation.

LEAD 7404 Theories of Leadership and Management

Leadership is essentially the ability of an individual to influence other persons to achieve a purpose, attain a goal, or create a change. Contemporary businesses, educational institutions, and other organizations expect mastery of strategic leadership elements and a comprehension of motivational and problem solving approaches from their leaders. This course provides a survey of the key components of leadership theory, concepts, and models within the context of a Christian worldview. Learners will examine leadership theory, ethics, values, attitudes, character development, diversity, and leadership behavior with an emphasis on developing the requisite skills for effective servant leadership.

LEAD 7405 Theories of Learning

This course explores the major theories of and ongoing research in learning with application of these theories and research studies to curriculum design and instructional strategies in school districts, colleges and universities, and church settings. Emphasis is given to an analysis of learning styles as well.

Concentration Studies – Educational Ministry

LEAD 7460 Development and Design for Ministry

Learners will research and evaluate a wide range of ministry designs and determine best practices to develop appropriate criteria for ministry development and design for application to ministry in churches, in colleges and universities, and other denominational assignments, or Christian agencies.

LEAD 7461 Christian Education and Faith Formation

Learners will research systems of faith formation related to all age groups and current Christian education processes with a view toward developing quality Christian education models for spiritual formation in the various age groups of preschool, children, youth, and adult.

LEAD 7462 Development and Management of Volunteer Leaders

Students will research volunteerism in a wide range of fields to gain knowledge and understanding for application in churches, Christian college and university campuses, denominational agencies, and in other Christian related ministries. Research areas include best practices, resources, and discovery and assessment of gifts and abilities, systems of training and equipping.

LEAD 7463 Curriculum Design and Application in Ministry

Learners will research church curriculum design and best practices among various Christian denomination publishers and groups to identify principles, evaluative criteria, and practices to gain knowledge, understanding and appropriate application for churches of various sizes and styles given special focus to the role of biblical teaching and basic discipleship. Learners will also research the process of curriculum development and writing for general application and specific age group relevance.

LEAD 7464 Independent Research in Educational Ministry

Individual research varied in content and relating to an issue of professional interest and significance in the field of educational ministry.

Concentration Studies – Higher Education

LEAD 7470 Higher Education Leadership

Learners will participate in an in-depth analysis of the various institutional models of higher education as well as their organizational roles on a national perspective. The principal administrative and leadership functions, including faculty personnel, business management, public relations, and the liaison of student personnel with other administrative and leadership functions will be analyzed and evaluated.

LEAD 7471 Higher Education History and Philosophy

Learners will examine the development of American higher education and the philosophical constructs against the background of influential social, political, economic, and intellectual issues. Topics of study include: historical formation including the impact of Christianity upon the development of higher educational institutions, early American higher education, current trends of higher education in America, and the role of the church, government, politics, and economy in the philosophical trends in American higher education.

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