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Student Organizations

DBU currently has 11 International Student Clubs. These student organizations foster new relationships between International students and American students and give you the chance to share your culture and meet others from your homeland. These clubs provide a great support group for international students and make it easy for you to get involved on the DBU Campus.

International Clubs

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Brazilian Student Association (BSA) facebook.jpg
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Japanese Student Society (JSS) 
Korean Student Association (KSA) facebook.jpg
Nepali Student Association (NSA) 
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Phi Beta Delta
South Asian Student Association (SASA) facebook.jpg
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Phi Beta Delta (P.B.D.)



The purpose of Phi Beta Delta ( is to recognize and encourage achievements in the areas of international education and exchange. Phi Beta Delta is a national academic and professional honor society dedicated to international education.

Membership Requirements

Student membership in Phi Beta Delta is based on significant international experience, academic excellence (minimum of 3.2 GPA for undergraduate students and 3.5 for graduate students), demonstrated leadership and service. Note: Membership in PBD is not limited to international students but is comprised of faculty, staff, and student members who share a commitment to academic excellence and international culture.

Apply/Renew Membership


Phi Beta Delta traces its background to the eighteenth-century. More recently, Phi Beta Delta was founded at CSU–Long Beach in 1986. On January 22, 2004, Dallas Baptist University (DBU) started its own chapter with Phi Beta Delta called Epsilon Phi. Joining Phi Beta Delta was motivated by supporting the vision of DBU to advance international education and cross-cultural understanding.

After receiving a charter, the student organization held its first induction ceremony in April of 2004, with the help of DBU faculty and staff, Dr. Ron Smiles, Dr. Jinsop Park, Dr. Gail Linam, and Mrs. Rebecca Brown, who spoke at the first induction ceremony. DBU's new Phi Beta Delta organization received tremendous support from Dr. David Strickland and Mamo Ishida, who was the first coordinator.


  • To serve as a vehicle for the development of international education;
  • To provide a worldwide network of scholars involved in international service; and,
  • To recognize the scholarly achievement of international students who have studied abroad along with faculty/staff who are involved in international service.

Greek Letters

  • Phi stands for - love of knowledge
  • Beta stands for - valuing of human life
  • Delta stands for - achieving excellence

2014-2015 Sponsors

Sponsor Elect - Dr. Adam Wright
Current Sponsor - Dr. Sandra Reid
Sponsor Emeritus - Dr. Ross O'Brien

2014-2015 Officers

President - Michael Summers
Vice President - Emily Dark

The 10th Annual Phi Beta Delta Induction Ceremony - April 2014

The 11th Annual Phi Beta Delta Induction Ceremony - April 2014

The 10th Annual Phi Beta Delta Induction Ceremony - April 2013

The 10th Annual Phi Beta Delta Induction Ceremony - April 2013

imagessection-livingstudent-orgpbdpicture169 1

The 9th Annual Phi Beta Delta Induction Ceremony - April 2012


The 8th Annual Phi Beta Delta Induction Ceremony - April 2011

imagessection-livingstudent-orgpbdimg 8532 000

The 7th Annual Phi Beta Delta Induction Ceremony - April 2010

imagessection-livingstudent-orgPBD Induction Ceremony

The 5th Annual Phi Beta Delta Induction Ceremony - April 2008


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