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Immigration Aid

Severe Economic Hardship

Students applying for Severe Economic Hardship must be an F-1 student who is enrolled in a full course of study continuously for at least 1 academic year. Students will be required to demonstrate unforeseen severe economic hardship. Students will also need to prove that employment is not available or is insufficient on-campus. This type of work permission is often hard to obtain and is a lengthy filing. If denied, you may not appeal the decision.

Eligible applicants for Severe Economic Hardship will need to complete the following:
  • Complete the Application for Employment Authorization Form (Click here to Download Form).
  • Sponsor Letter providing evidence of severe economic hardship (including documentation).
  • Student Letter proving severe financial hardship due to an unforeseen economic crisis out of the student's control.
  • Letter from your International Admissions advisor supporting your need for off-campus employment.
  • Personal check or money order for $380.00 payable to the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Copies of your current Passport, I-94 and Visa.
  • Two color photos (see specifications).
  • Make an appointment with the Department of International Admissions & Immigration to file the necessary paperwork. Please bring all completed forms prior to the meeting, including your check and color photos.

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