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Immigration Aid

On Campus Employment

Once you have secured an offer for on-campus, part-time employment. F-1 students will need to apply for a social security number. Only international students who have been offered and have accepted an on-campus job which meets the restrictions in their visa may apply for a social security number.

To apply for a social security card you will need to complete the following:

  • Bring a letter from your employer to the Department of International Admissions & Immigration, you may also have your supervisor email the department your job title and immediate supervisor's name.
  • The Department of International Admissions & Immigration will provide you with 2 letters: (1) a Social Security Status Letter and (2) Employer Confirmation Letter. Our office will sign the status letter and you will need your supervisor to sign the other employer letter.
  • Take the following documents to the local Social Security Office:
        • Passport
        • I-20 (all 3 pages)
        • I-94 card
        • Signed social Security Status Letter and signed Employer Confirmation Letter.

Processing time for your social security number will take about 2 weeks before you receive your social security card. Once you receive your social security card, you may contact your employer to begin working.

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