The Need for Servant Leadership Has Never Been Greater.

The future cannot wait. Across every sector of society today, in every nation, we need leaders who will follow the servant example of Christ. That is why now is the time to invest in a multi-purposed, vital center of student learning, leadership development, and community engagement.

Part of the University’s vision is for DBU graduates to be recognized for their commitment to servant leadership in every field. The Dr. William B. Dean Learning Center simply complements that well-known vision by emphasizing our already historic priority on service-learning. With a dedicated building on campus, our commitment will be clear.

Study. And Serve. Learn. And Apply.

Within the Dr. William B. Dean Learning Center, a diverse, thriving community of Christian scholars will be uniquely equipped to serve a world in need. DBU students from across all disciplines will receive multiple service- learning opportunities to not only learn servant leadership but also to put into practice a heart of selfless giving.

Taking those life-changing experiences into their future chosen field will bring new significance to what it means to be a graduate of distinction. The world will take note. These men and women are living to serve.

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"The spirit in which DBU students serve, the skills they bring to us, and the love they show our neighbors demonstrate that they understand servant leadership and are eager to be the hands and feet of Christ."

– Suzanne Griffin
Executive Director
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