The Global Conversation Lounge

Thanks to a generous gift from DBU supporters Wayne and Buena Stevenson we are pleased to announce that within the Global Missions Center will be the Global Conversation Lounge (GCL). The Global Conversation Lounge will be located on the second floor of the Global Missions Center, adjacent to the Master of Arts in Global Leadership Office Suite and next to the International Student Admissions Office Suite. The GCL will be in a high visibility area, exposed to thousands of American and International students in addition to many visiting off-campus guests. The GCL will be available for use whenever the Global Missions Center is open during regularly scheduled hours and on occasion, during special holiday hours.


As followers of Christ, we live in an exciting time in history. Did you know that 75 percent of all the Christians who have ever lived are alive today — and 50 percent of all the people who have ever lived are alive right now? Through available technology, we have an unprecedented global reach that literally spans to the ends of the earth, and we're the first generation that can truly state, “we have everything we need to finish the Great Commission.”

Therefore, technology, such as what will be included in the Global Conversation Lounge, will be used to allow people to converse across languages in real time about spiritual matters. Surveys indicate that vast numbers of people – about 64 percent of Americans, according to the 2004 Pew Internet and American Life Project – access the Internet for spiritual matters.

The Global Conversation Lounge gives our students the opportunity to increase their faith and connect with their brothers and sisters in Christ despite language barriers. The GCL will provide an avenue where the use of technology is a communication medium of our Christian faith.

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